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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend Global Experts Meeting On Diabetes, Hypertension & Metabolic Syndrome Melbourne, Australia.

Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

Vivek Kamath


Keynote: Diabetes Cure for Type1, Type 2 and Type 3 (LADA)

Time : 09.00

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Vivek Kamath founder of heal the world organization is a Reiki Master, Mexican Healer, Melchizedek Healer, Crystal Healer and Past Life Regression Therapy Expert. He has healed many diabetic patients (Type1, Type2, Type 3/1.5/LADA) without any medicines. He has also healed blood pressure (both high and low blood pressure), heart disease (removed the heart blockages), removed kidney stones, ovarian cysts, fibrosis of the breast, fatty liver, lungs disease, cured sinusitis, sever joint pain, lumbar L5 spinal disk pain, Sciatica pain, neck pain, constipation, rheumatoid arthritis, glaucoma,migraines,headaches,insomnia,stomach related problem, IBS, diabetic gum problems, skin problems( dry skin, eczema) and chronic nasal allergies, nasal blockages without any medicines. Some of the above treatments have been completed within a week to maximum 1 month duration.  




Statement of the Problem: Diabetes Type1, Type 2 and Type 3 complications.

As most of us are aware Type 2 diabetes can be controlled and cured completely with the diet, workouts (yoga), effective stress management and other healing methods. However, Type 1 and Type 1.5/3/LADA diabetes healing or complete cure is a big challenge because of our body’s immune system issue.

With type 1/1.5 diabetes, the body’s immune system attacks part of its own pancreas. Scientists are not sure why. But our immune system mistakenly sees the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas as foreign, and destroys them. This attack is considered as "autoimmune" disease. These pancreatic cells – called “islets” are the ones that sense glucose in the blood and, in response, produce the necessary amount of insulin to normalize blood sugars.

How do we protect that these “Islets” and how can we ensure that these cells produce enough insulin hormones? Using Reiki Distant Healing and telepathy techniques I have reduced 2 patients glucose level. One was type1 case of a nine-year-old boy with high fasting glucose level (350 mg/dL) and a very high random glucose level (450 to 500 mg/dL) despite of taking high dosage insulin on daily basis for nearly 2 years it was not going down. With the reiki healing techniques, it has come down to normal level within a month or so. The same experiment repeated recently on another young gentleman 38 years old patient who was suffering from Type 1.5/3/LADA disease. His FB glucose level was around 350 to 400 mg/DL from the last 8 years despite of taking strong dose of insulin on daily basis; glucose level was not going down. Within a month after initialing Reiki healing treatment, his FB glucose level came down to 190 mg/DL.  He is showing recovery from diabetes. The conclusion from our healing study are that these healing and cure works mainly on 1 ) Energy level of the healer 2) Belief in self for the patients 3) Belief in Reiki Channel and universal energy 4) Intention and thought process/brain wave  frequency in alpha state matching between healer and patients. If all of these things are perfect, any disease can be healed. We have made an initial breakthrough in terms of reducing their glucose level. The above study has been followed on other healing such as Lumbar L5 Spine disk pain healing. It worked amazingly and patient has shown drastic improvement in their pain relief. 80% relief on pain has been felt. We are continuing with our research on this healing for various other chronic disease cure not only type1/3 diabetes. The recent healing on Type 2 Diabetes provides us information that even if the patient has any psychological problems, it could hamper the glucose level. A Type 2 Diabetic patient’s PPBS was not going down from 290 mg/dl although his Fasting blood glucose was showing normal. We were not able to find the reason behind it. When we did the detailed consulting with the patient he was suffering from Insomnia problem. We immediately healed his insomnia problem and within few days his PPBS level came down to 110 mg/dl from 290 mg/dl. Based on these findings, it is very clear now, doctors need to find the stress factor in patient. It could be anxiety, phobia, insomnia, greed, morbid jealousy, vengeance, insecurity, depression or any chronic psychological diseases. 

In India, we have seen most of border case diabetic patients can be healed by providing proper guidance on diet and basic workouts. Most of the rural people in India take 2 or 3 large meals per day. We have identified nearly 50 cases of people like this and suggested them to take a balanced meal and meals at intervals (splitting 3 large meals into 3 small snacks and 3 small meals). These folks followed the same and they came back with normal fasting glucose level within 2 weeks of our recommendation. 

In nut-shell, diabetes healing requires below steps

1.     Understanding the reason behind diabetes is the Key

2.     GP/Doctor needs to counsel the patient after identifying the reason

3.     If they have psychological problems such as anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease and phobia or any other problems that needs to be cured first before healing diabetes. People with high blood glucose level or uncontrolled diabetes have also prone to psychological problems.

4.     In Western countries most of the people suffer from diabetes because of obesity, overeating, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking or drugs addiction.

5.     Counseling from the doctors/GP is the key for controlling paitent’s diabetes.

6.     Any healing methods such as Reiki, Mexican Healing, Crystal or Pranic Healing can be followed to bring back the glucose level to normal level

7.     Indian techniques such as Yoga, Mudra or western aerobic workout can also be followed to control or cure diabetes especially in TYPE2 Diabetes.

Blood Pressure Management/Cure

1.     We have used Reiki and Mexican Healing to bring down the blood pressure of our few patients

2.     It has experimented in 1 Mexican Healing we could able to bring 20 units for few patients. ( From 180/120 mmHg to 160/90 mmHg)

3.     Even people who are suffering from low blood pressure has been cured completely and their BP reading has been brought back to normal 120/80 mmHg within 21 days of Reiki Healing.



Keynote Forum

Premanidhi Panda

Dr. Panda Diabetes Institute, India

Keynote: Concept of diabetes should be changed

Time : 10.00 AM

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Premanidhi Panda completed his MBBS from Berhampur University, India and Post-doctoral studies, MD (MED) from Utkal University School of Medicine. He is the Director of Dr. Panda Diabetes Institute, India, a premier Diabetes Hospital and Research Centre in India. He worked in Tisco Hospital (India), Benghazi Medical (Libya), and Medwin Hospital. He was awarded with India’s Best Doctor Award-2013 (diabetes) by Medgate Today Survey. He was awarded MRCP, FRCP by Royal College of Physician and Surgeon. He published more than 20 papers in reputed journals and received several national and international awards for his contribution in Diabetes.


Introduction:- Diabetes mellitus often simply referred to as diabetes—is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar, either because the body does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced.

It is my view many things should be changed in diabetes concept.

My views in diabetes for which i have got more number of control diabetes patient.

 (1)Definition of diabetes should not be based on blood sugar. it is my observation only glycosylated  haemoglobin (hb1ac) is the criteria to diagnose as diabetes when more than 6.5%. it  depends   upon  what  type of food  taken  in the previous is   my observation  if we consider that  blood  sugar  in 30%  cases will be  i  used  consider  upon  hba1c   rather than  FBS and 2hr  PPBS.I have got more then 90000 patient all are having HBA1C 5.5 TO 6.4.

(2)Stop polished rice. carbohydrate in polished rice is not equal to carbohydrate contained  in wheat. particular importance for India and china scenarios.









51.6 gm

79 gm

Dietary Fibre

13.2 gm

1.3 gm


9.72 gm

0.66 gm


23.15 gm

7.13 gm

Thus I advised my patient to consume Wheat than rice.  Another point Indians can consume more rice than wheat. In a good items Indians will consume too much rice. Thus “ZERO RICE”.

(2)A diabetic patient will have good control with by avoiding sugar based fruits.

Know your fruits
(apple VS tomato)

*Avoid all sugar based fruits apple:-I used to advice not to take apple till blood sugar comes to normal. Previous slogan has been changed from:- “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” To “A Tomato a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.” I have seen in my study a person with diabetes consuming apple blood sugar has increased greatly in comparison to tomato. Although apple is advised for its anti-oxidant property.  Now a days it has been seen that Tomato contains Lycopene which is more potent than any Anti-oxidant. That too it has got anti cancerous property. 








0.26 Gms








Dietary Fiber















(Anti Cancerous Property),

Here  i want to emphasize  apple  does  not  contain any “Ambruta” that  is  gods  any  very beneficial contains  only  phytooxidant and fibre. Thus I used to advice “tomato” and “mushroom”, lemon. avocado(HEATHIEST  FRUIT), strawberry, guava.


 (3)Mango should not be advised. It is  my  observation  by taking one mango  blood  sugar  increases  to 3-4 times. Please do not advice to the world  “mango” is good for  diabetes. instead  “avocado” worlds healthiest  fruit.

4) Instead of apple please advise tomato and avocado

 (5)I am against insulin in type II diabetes except six indications

 My view insulin therapy in type II diabetes: - Six conditions in type II diabetes.

  • (1)In Type II Diabetes when maximum oral hypoglycaemic drug does not work
  • (2)You are having infection
  • (3)You are undergoing surgery
  • (4)When target organs involved(brain, heart, kidney, nerves)
  • (5)Fulminating Conditions
  • (6)Gestational Diabetes   With Previous History of Type II diabetes

(6)Pioglitazone is a marvelous drug Do not blame it. i and all my family members including more than 60000 patients are under side effects till now i have received. i strongly say "Pioglitazone" never causes bladder cancer. you are not blaming polluted foods, polluted drinks, polluted environment, nuclear explosion which causes change in biomarkers. out of 61millions patient only 8 persons develop bladder cancer blame "Pioglitazone"

Pioglitazone is the golden drug 

There is great war for Pioglitazone. It Causes Bladder Cancer, Fracture, Heart Failure for which On June 9, 2011 the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products decided to withdraw pioglitazone in regards to high risk of bladder cancer. On June 10, 2011 Germany's Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices also advised doctors not to prescribe the medication.
On June 15, 2011 the U.S. FDA announced that pioglitazone use for more than one year may be associated with an increased risk of bladder cancer. April 2014 The U.S District Court in western Louisiana ordered a $6 billion penalty for Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. 2013 the health ministry of India has suspended the sale of Pioglitazone. But after one month on July 2013 ban lifted. Here I want to emphasize that till now only 8 cases of Bladder cancer found out. Why we will blame Pioglitazone. In my Institute I have given >20000 Patients are under pioglitazone. alone or Mixed with other drug. Including me I am under Pioglitazone for last 8Years Except Pedal oedema and few cases of Weight gain I have not found any other serious consequences. Rather I will tell Its an Golden drug as anti diabetic drug to reduce the Postprandial Hyperglycaemia. Pioglitazone gives good glycaemic control than Voglibose.I choose Voglibose as it also reduces post Prandial hyperglycemia.

Voglibose is an an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor used for lowering post-prandial blood glucose levels in people with diabetes mellitus. Voglibose delays the absorption of glucose thereby reduces the risk of macrovascular complications. Voglibose is a research product of Takeda Pharma, a Japan-based company. Postprandial hyperglycemia (PPHG) is primarily due to first phase insulin secretion. Alpha glucosidase inhibitors delay glucose absorption at the intestine level and thereby prevent sudden surge of glucose after a meal. There are three drugs which belong to this class, acarobose, miglitoland vogliboseof which voglibose is the newest. Voglibose scores over both acarbose and miglitol in terms of side effect profile.Voglibose does not increase the weight or causes Pedal Oedema.
Sideffects are Hypoglycemia, delay in digestion and absorption of disaccharides, abdominal pain and swelling, increased flatus, intestinal obstruction like symptoms, fulminant hepatitis, serious hepatic dysfunction with increased AST (GOT), ALT (GPT), LDH, gamma GTP or ALP, jaundice, diarrhea, loose stools, borborygmus, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, anemia, numbness, edema, blurred vision, hot flushes, malaise, weakness hyperkalemia, increased serum amylase. But in my study mild loose stool is the common side effects.

In my study:-
Present study was open with 2000 cases , randomized parallel group comparison of two active treatment groups over a six months period. Sixty patients of either sex in the age group of 30-75 years, suffering from type 2 DM, with FBG> 126 mg/dl and HbA1c between 7- 10 % were taken. Pioglitazone and voglibose were given to 2000 cases given 3months & 3 months trial in each drug to all. Different parameters are taken into consideration like FBS, 2Hr PPBS, HBA1C, Blood Urea, Serum Creatinine, Serum cholesterol & Triglyceride. It has been observed Pioglitazone reduces FBS,2Hr PPBS, HBA1C, Blood Urea,Serum Creatinine ,Cholesterol,Triglyceride more than Voglibose. In my study also seen in mixed drug like Glimiperide+Metformin+Pioglitazone works better than Glimiperide+Metformin+Voglibose. One case was Under Inj Humalog 78Units before breakfast 72 Before dinner Blood Sugar does not come to normal level. Only with Inj Novomixtard 14Units BBF & 8Units Before Dinner Plus Combined drug Glimeperide1Mg+Metformin500+Pioglitazone 15mg ½ Tab BID Blood sugar came down to 89FBS & 127Mg PPBS. Out of 2000 cases with voglibose FBS after taking for 3 months comes down to 90 to 136mg/dl. But with same Patient with Pioglitazne comes down to 80-120mg/dl.2Hr PPBS come down with voglibose 110- 168mg/dl.HBA1C comes down to 5.9 to 6.9.Urea,Creatinine,Cholesterol& Triglyceride remaining same .In few cases little low.
But with Pioglitazone Maximum Patients FBS comes to 78-120mg/dl.2Hr PPBS to
95 to 145mg/dl.HBA1C 6.1 to 5.4.Urea, Creatinine, Cholesterol, Triglyceride to low level. Side effects with Pioglitazone Side Effects limited to Pedal Oedema in all my Patient as description in the Many Text book. In My Opinion There is not necessary to have Panic to Patient that this will cause bladder cancer. In Every drugs many side effects are there.I have used this drug since Nine Years. I have discussed with  Several Diabetologist and Endocrinologist all have supported me. With Voglibose diarrhea, loose stools, borborygmus, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, anemia, numbness, edema are common side effects observed.
Conclusion:-In my study shows there is no reason for any side effects OR banning this drug or writing Warning to make Patient in Panic.Pioglitazone works better than Voglibose in better control of blood sugar.Out of >45000Patients >20000Patients are under Pioglitazone.

 (7)All diabetics should be advised to take 20petals of raw garlic, two onions and one lemon a day to protect heart, kidney and liver fatty change can be reversed by taking these three.

 (8)I do not find micro vascular and macro-vascular complications Insulin vs OHD. I may request to invite me give my views in the scientific stage.